Privacy Information

Our websites take data protection and privacy issues very seriously.

1. We do not use tracking cookies on our sites. Our sites do not use Google Analytics.

2. We do use a cookie to avoid showing you the same pop-up each time you visit the site. This cookie does not contain any personal information.

3. If you leave a comment on a blog post, then the information you enter (name, e-mail address, website) will be stored on our server. This is necessary for your comment to appear on the blog. The information may also be stored in a cookie.

4. Each of our websites has a page called the “Impressum” showing our full address and contact details. There are also included in the footer of any e-mails.

5. Our servers are located in the European Union. Our data backups are also stored within the European Union.

6. We do not at any time allow 3rd party access to personal data, nor do we sell personal data in any form.

7. Our websites contains an banner for and an embedded Twitter frame. It is possible that these companies may store a 3rd-party cookie on your browser. You can block these cookies by making the necessary changes to the privacy settings in your web browser.

8. Other than the Twitter frame, we do not use social media plug-ins on this website.  We simply link to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

9. You have the right to request that we disclose which personal information we have stored, as well as the right to have this corrected, restricted or deleted, as long as we are not required to store it to fulfil legal obligations.

10. If you send us a message using our contact form, the data you enter along with your IP address will be encrypted (SSL) for transmission.  By sending your message, you agree that we may contact you to respond either by telephone or by e-mail.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are used in your web browser for a variety of reasons. When you log into a website, or buy something online, for example. Although they do not usually contain personal data directly, they can be used to track your movements through a website. Some advertisers may use them to see which website other than this one you have visited.

When you first visit this website we ask for your consent to store the cookies that are needed for this website function properly.  You can revoke that consent by clicking on the button below:

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This website uses cookies to give you the best browsing experience possible. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the web browser on your computer. Most of the cookies that we use are so-called “Session cookies”. These are automatically deleted after your visit. The cookies do not damage your computer system or contain viruses. Please read our privacy information page for more details where you can also revoke permission to store cookies from this website.