Cub Scouts Receive Top Award

A Cub Scout presentation evening was held at the Sandwich Scout Headquarters when 27 Cub Scouts received their Chief Scout’s Silver Award Certificates.

The presentations were made by the Rev. Howard Pashley of Sandwich. The event was also attended by Mavis Marsh and Kath Goodwin, both District Cub Scout Leaders and the Deal, Walmer, Sandwich and District Commissioner Ian Mackenzie.

The Chief Scout’s Silver Award is the highest award which children in the Cub Scout Section can achieve. Having gained this award, the young people then move on to the Scout Section and carry the badge forward to wear on their Scout uniform.

After making the presentations, the Rev Pashley spoke to the young people explaining how both himself and his son had been members of the Sandwich Scout Group in the past, and how pleased he was to be able to present the top award to the young people.

The young people receiving the awards came from five different Cub Scout Packs across the District.

2nd Deal (Sea Scouts), 4th Deal (Beechwood), 5th Deal (Sholden), 7th Deal (Sandwich) and 10th Deal (Eastry).

Chief Scout Silver Award Recipients

Chief Scout Silver Award Recipients

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